Practicing responsible capitalism

The building of a profitable business comes with responsibilities. At every turn, we strive to create value that will build into a sustainable force over time. We do so by nurturing the seeds that help the world flourish — a thriving natural environment, a hyper-skilled workforce, and rock-solid digital borders. Green, safe, and innovative is our way of being.


The protection of our digital borders is not only an urgent issue of national security. As malicious state actors threaten to take advantage of gaping vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructures, they put our future prosperity at stake. We must grow more sophisticated faster. Only when we know every single threat happening globally in real time do we position ourselves as the antidote to destabilization.


A volatile world demands a different type of workforce. We need to train a new generation of creative thinkers that can outsmart threats and lead the next wave of innovation. With the creation of new talent pipelines, we can look beyond the requirements of the past and build an employee base uniquely qualified for the jobs of the future.


The need for protection extends to our physical environment. Growth at the expense of our natural resources is not progress. We only truly thrive if we treasure our global and local ecosystems as much as business profits. By empowering more leaders to discover the value of environmental stewardship, we can build a future that gives everyone the opportunity to draw upon nature’s wealth and experience the exhilaration of the wild.

Honey Bee

How Bellini Capital came to bee

If you plant a tree in a forest and it grows, you have to give back to that forest. Bellini Capital is Arnie Bellini’s way of fulfilling that mission. Using nothing but the resources in Tampa Bay, he grew ConnectWise from a startup managed service provider to an integrated business management platform for 61,000 users. When ConnectWise sold in 2019 for $1.5 billion, it turned more than 70 employees into millionaires.

Now, Bellini Capital aims to fuel the next generation of startups and creative thinkers who talk about profits in the same breath as bettering the world. The bee is the symbol of that endeavor, a crucial building block that nature — and business — need to thrive.

Arnie Bellini Managing Partner

Tampa Bay means everything to Arnie Bellini. It was here that he co-founded ConnectWise and created the vision that made the company the area’s only “unicorn.” It was also here, in his own backyard, a chance encounter with a panther opened his eyes to wildlife preservation. The area is now the target of his pay-it-forward philanthropy, the latest chapter in his story of headline-making milestones.

Arnie combines a penchant for pioneering — he played a central role in giving rise to the industry of managed service providers — with feats of tenacity — he spent 16 hours swimming across the English Channel. Lately, he took the lead on creating an 18-million acre statewide wildlife corridor — and won the ear of Gov. DeSantis who signed the $200-million landmark bill

He and his wife, Lauren Bellini, share the same vision: When it comes to creating a robust economy and preserving the state’s pristine ecology, Floridians should not have to choose.


Fox 13: Tampa Bay Tech Tycoon Turns His Attention to Protecting Florida’s Wildlife

As millions of more people move to Florida, the wildlife has come under pressure. Fox 13 reports Arnie Bellini is using his ConnectWise magic to pour millions of his own money into saving the environment in the Sunshine State before it’s too late.