We invest in companies that make our world safer, smarter and more sustainable



We have a responsibility to protect our world, our country, and our citizens from cyberattack. The defense of our digital borders is fundamental to our future prosperity.



We need to equip the next generation of creative thinkers with the smarts to win the battle against threat actors. Our collective safety and success depend on our ability to build an innovative workforce.



We owe it to ourselves to preserve our rich natural resources. Growth only delivers true value if it works in tandem with the health of global and local ecosystems.

Making it big in Tampa Bay

Arnie Bellini didn't need Silicon Valley to build his IT powerhouse. He found everything it took to turn ConnectWise into Tampa Bay's first software company with a billion-dollar valuation in - Tampa Bay. Now, the managing partner of Bellini Capital is on a mission to think big and give back by using his own success as the launching pad for the entire area. In practice, it means using grants and investments to create thousands of high-paying tech jobs while always nurturing the foundation for our well-being - Florida's unique ecology.

The Bellini Center for Talent Development

Designed to “turn up the talent,” the Bellini Center for Talent Development at the University of South Florida reimagines the traditional college-to-job pipeline. The brand-new, 9,000-square-foot, one-stop-shop for internships and career development works like an incubator for employees of the future.

Investing in good conscience and in good companies

We are building a better world, one investment at a time. Purpose-driven companies think as much about boosting profits as helping our environment flourish. In fact, those missions are intimately intertwined.


Redefining Tampa Bay’s Startup Scene

3D Cloud by Marxent Raises $7.5M

3D Cloud by Marxent Raises $7.5M in Series D Funding

Arnie Bellini is Super Entrepreneur of the Year

TIETAN Awardee: Arnie Bellini Is Super Entrepreneur of the Year