Bellini Capital: This Firm Invests in Companies Making the World Safer and More Sustainable

What are your thoughts on the cybersecurity sector as it relates to MSPs? What does Bellini Capital look for in an investment? What’s the mission of Bellini Capital? What are some of your investment goals?

Those were some of the questions that Pulse 2.0 took the opportunity to ask Arnie Bellini. The Q&A covered everything from his co-founding ConnectWise in 1982 to the holistic view that drives every Bellini Capital investment.

Said Arnie, “We aren’t just investing in companies with an eye on returns, although of course that’s important. We are investing in the people and the environment that are part of this broader ecosystem. We’re launching cybersecurity educational programs to train the current and next generation of professionals; we’re investing in the natural ecosystem through nonprofit initiatives and conservation efforts. All of this must work together, and that’s what we’re focused on in the coming years.”

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